The Beach and Bush Gallery

Current address, telephone number, work hours, people's testimonies The Beach and Bush Gallery. This company belongs to the following categories: establishment, cafe and food. You can find The Beach and Bush Gallery at Kiama Lighthouse Rd, Kiama, New South Wales 2533.


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Kiama Lighthouse Rd, Kiama, New South Wales 2533
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    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    My girlfriend and I caught the train down from Sydney to explore beautiful Kiama for the day. We selected this cafe because of its stunning location. However from the moment we approached the counter you could feel the vibe of the staff was not very pleasant and quite hostile. We asked for the drinks menu and got told "we don't have one", slightly unusual, but nothing wrong with that, however already the managers tone had a real edge and was very unapologetic. We ordered coffee and a pot of tea. I have never ordered a coffee before that was unpleasant but this one tasted very bitter. I wanted to return it but the manor of the staff was intimidating enough that it seemed like it might not be a good idea.

    Half way through our meal my girlfriend managed to drop the lid of the tea pot, it fell to the floor and shattered. Obviously you feel horrible when you do something like this and my girlfriend was upset. The owner came over and before my girlfriend could apologise launched into a tirade about how she should not have lifted the pot off the coaster it came on. She then left making no attempt to clean up the glass on the floor. It was humiliating getting publically dressed down for the breakage which we felt bad enough about anyway. After a few minutes I approached the counter to ask if maybe the owner had been a bit harsh and could she perhaps not have handled things in a more gentle manor. She was forcefully unapologetic and made it very clear there would be no apology telling us to leave the premises, and saying a line I will never forget which left me feeling incredulous that someone would actually come out with it in this day and age, least of all a hospitality business owner who relies on the tourist trade. She said these exact words "You are nothing but a couple of Hobo's passing through town" and that we were not worthy of an apology or any standard of service.

    One comes to expect good service and when you get treated like this its amazing how powerless you can feel. Here is a person who runs an establishment in a prime tourist location who is highly aware that she can get away with blue murder if the patrons are just passing through town. I imagine one could have a really positive experience at this cafe if things went well, but its amazing the bigoted attitude that came out from this business owner when you scratch the surface.

    Its hard to say don't visit this cafe, because it is an amazing location. But do be aware. Once you have parted with your money you have no guarantee of respect, fairness or consideration. Because just like us you are only one travelling customer and the owner is well aware she can afford to lose your custom.
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